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crowley hosts the next big event. romney/obama presidential debate round two. this debate is on a thursday night. it will play big through the weekend without a doubt, but early next week the guys at the top of the ticket take back the spotlight. >> great piece you wrote on cnn.com. appreciate your perspective today as well. john king thank you. live in d.c. for us. >>> listen, this may be the debate, you know, just the debate between the number two guys, but after president obama's dismal showing in his first debate with mitt romney, you can pretty much bet the obama camp is hoping for really big things fromoe biden at tonight's debate. brianna keilar busy on the trail joining us from the site of the debate, details how the vice president has been preparing. big question, where has he been? in virtual hiding for days if not weeks? >> he has been certainly for days, the last four day, in fact, ashleigh. right. in wilmington, delaware in what has essentially been an intensive debate camp. holed up for most, for the better part of the days in a hotel in wilmington working with his aides, wor
their first and only debate in kentucky. >> as far as the presidential candidates obama will campaign in florida today and romney in north carolina. there's a new nbc wall street journal poll which shows romney made gains in the swing states of virginia, florida, and ohio. the largest in virginia, where now he's ahead of the president. now more from brandi hitt. >> the second round belongs to the running mates. >> i feel good about it. >> paul ryan and vice president joe biden say they are ready to go toe to toe in danville, kentucky. >> i have been studying his positions. >> and there is a critical time in the campaign. >> i've been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> last week mitt romney dominated in his first debate against president obama. the president even admitted he had a bad night. >> your supporters have been saying you did not show up. >> there's no doubt i can make a better case, which is why i so look forward to tuesday. >> is it possible you gave up your reelection that night. >> no. >> we cannot afford another series of budget deficits o
the success of the obama camp. on this question across age, gender and geography obama won this election. republican presidential hopeful romijn appears to have changed his position on abortion again a key issue among social conservatives, while visiting ohio today. romney also said if elected he would reinstate the so-called mexico city policy which bans federal funds. will president obama, swinging in round two of the presidential debates next week critics said he didn't seem too enthusiastic last week's soap for the second time he said he will not be mr. nice guy next time. romney changes positions on a number of issues. vice president joe biden and paul ryan are gearing up for their debates the school will square off tomorrow night. the first congressional hearing try to learn exactly what happened at the ben gauzy attacks. one thing it was clear it was not in response to the internet video that caused the international uproar. i had not seen an attack of such ferocity and intensity previously in libya our ambassador in three other individuals are dead and people are in the hospital
attention than vice presidential debates usually get. the obama campaign is looking to biden to stop the momentum mitt romney has enjoyed since the debate in denver, which governor romney was widely perceived to have won. ryan's job is to keep romney's momentum rolling. today's national gallup poll of likely voters shows governor romney with a slender lead of one point over the president. of course, that's within the margin of error so it's essentially a tie. tonight's debate isality centre college in danville, kentucky. nancy cordes and jan crawford are there. first we'll go to nancy, covering the vice president's campaign. nancy. >> reporter: scorkt the vice president arrived here in kentucky today after self days of intense preparation in his home state of delaware and several people there with him told us the president's weak performance in his own debate didn't so much change the strategy as raise the stakes and thails the vice president is very well aware he needs to have a better night than the president did. you recall when the president was preparing for his own debate, he c
obama's 44%. the next presidential debate is tuesday but again the vice presidential candidates debate tomorrow night and you can see that on abc 7. >> to that end as we talk about the presidential race, president obama seems to have no enthusiasm for reviewing notes from his performance in last week's debate that so many criticized. the president compares it to playing sports. >> if you have a bad game you just move on. you look forward to the next one and it makes you that much more determined. >> and he will no doubt be determined next week to perform better at the debate against mitt romney. mitt romney told a factory audience his passion was about helping people who are struggling and he also said he will be a prolife president. thathat comes one day after he told an iowa newspaper he has told an iowa newspaper he has no abortion agenda if [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banki
as president obama's widely criticized performance at the first presidential debate. my colleague diane sawyer spoke with the president in the first television interview since that night. to find out what happened on stage. >> that debate, what happened? >> well, governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well not the first time i have had a bad night. but i think what is important that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. >> we are told you watched it split screen. >> uh-huh. >> did you? >> well i watched it afterward. >> was it painful to watch? >> no. look -- diane, i have got to tell you that these are marathons they're not sprints. >> is it possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> you are going to win? >> yes. >> you want it more than the first time? >> absolutely. >> but the race is close. and tensions are high. with 26 days remaining until the election we hit the campaign trail with first lady michelle obama. who is being deployed to swing states from virginia to colorado. we caught up with her for our series "the conten
after president obama's poor showing in the first presidential debate. >> after this horrific debate that president obama had last week, it could stop the bleeding. >> reporter: new polls from three battleground states show romney has a one-point edge in colorado. in wisconsin the race is tight. the 6 point lead is down as to 3 points for the president and virginia a five-point lead. they debate a second time next week in new york. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >> the vice president debate is at 6:00 on cbs 5 tonight. >>> a new cbs 5 surveyusa poll shows mixed results for proposition 30. governor brown's plan to raise taxes to avoid further cuts to public safety and education. when asked about prop 30 with only a prescription, 38% said they would vote no. 33% said yes. 29% not certain. but when prop 30 was explained in detail, the results were different. take a look. the yes respondents outnumbered the nos 45 to 39%. prop 30 would temporarily raise the state sales tax by .25% and raise the income tax on those earning more than a quarter million dollars a year. >>> w
between vice presidential candidates aren't supposed to matter but after president obama's poor debate performance last week, the faceoff between joe biden and paul ryan has turned it into a high stakes affair. in colorado president obama held a slim lead in september now romney has a one-point edge. in wisconsin the president was leading by six points last month, he leads romney by just three points now. in virginia the president continues to hold on to a small lead. tara mergener is in washington following all of this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. boy the pressure sure is on tonight particularly for joe biden who will be trying to gain ground following that first presidential debate. paul ryan will be trying to keep up his campaign's new momentum. paul ryan arrived in kentucky ahead of his first nationally televised debate. the number two man on the gop ticket told reporters earlier in florida voters will see a clear choice when he faces off against vice president joe biden. >> joe biden has been on the stage before. he's been on these big stages. it's my first tim
romney was viewed victorious in the recent presidential obeyed over president obama. this comment this ended up striking the message. the complete law back in chains --all the debates are tough but i'm looking for to. >> president obama told abc news he has confidence in his running mate. congressman bryant iryan is a st and of effective speaker. >> the reminder the vice presidential debate is tonight a presidential debate is set for october 16th in new york. you cannot both of them are bay area news channel on your comcast channel 193. are to get our signal of care to the to the digital channel 4.2. coming up the kron for more news to have an update with today's hot headlines and update >> a man was trapped for four hours under a pile in miami. 10 workers were hurt when the roof of that five story structure collapsed on the campus of miami dade college. one person is still unaccounted for because of that class is being investigated. if you ever plaister car's airbag in the past three years take note those air bags could be an unsafe take. the national highway traffic administrati
him. >> that was president obama needling romney ahead of next tuesday's second presidential debate. but before obama and romney meet for that high stakes town hall, the number two men get to be the number one guys tonight here in danville, kentucky. dan senor is the senior adviser to congressman paul ryan and a foreign policy adviser to the romney campaign. mr. senor, great to see you. you've done a lot of mock debates. you know the vice president is going to talk a lot about the ryan budget, but we know the ryan budget is not all the romney budget. how much does he defend his own budget versus the romney ticket? >> first of all, he has to make the case about the choice in this election. things have been rough over the last four years, and it's incumbent on president obama and vice president biden to explain what exactly has happened over the last four years. 23 million americans out of work. 47 million americans on food stamps. 1 in 6 americans in poverty. and have them explain the rationratio rationale for why they deserve a second term. there's a choice in this election. they ar
. >> and you can hear what president obama tells diane >> we are less than 24 hours away from a debate. vice president joe biden and vice-presidential nominee paul ryan are getting ready to square off. >> here is what president obama said to diane sawyer. >> we look forward. it makes you that much more determined. >> the president also accused the romney campaign of confusing voters on several issues, including women's health rights. >> mitt romney spent his day in ohio which is perhaps the most important battleground state of them all. he was northeast of columbus. romney has additional appearances scheduled for the buckeyes state later this week. we invite you to watch the debate right here. you can go to wjla.com/react, and if you have a smartphone or tablets, you can give instant reaction which we will share with people tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the number of a phone sex line. >> a major train route was blocked for hours today. remarkable ways that people made it home. >> in the belfort furniture weather center, cool weather for baseball. let me tell you how i will crer
us. as evidenced by the recent presidential debate where barack obama unveiled his explosive october surprise that he has given up. ( laughter ). surprise! ( applause ) even the president acknowledged to his less-than-stellar performance. >> after the debate i had a bunch of folks come to me, don't be so polite. don't be so nice. what was being presented wasn't leadership. that's salesmanship. >> jon: right, but salesmanship is the thing you invariably need to acquire leadership. ( laughter ) by the way, i don't think anyone was suggested you need to be polite. that you just shout, yeah, ( bleep ) liar!" people are just suggesting you stand up to mr. romney "with all due respect, you're a ( bleep ) liar!" you put that first part on it. of course, during the debate governor romney left himself open to counter-attack as well. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop other things. i like pbs. i like big bird glo it's great muppet caper. naming as his only specific budget cut, the relative pittance that is pbs and children's television worked shop. >> t
. clean select-a-size magic eraser. >>> assume that president obama will be watching the vice presidential debate. we're told mitt romney definitely will. i had an exclusive interview and asked him about his own debate and the challenge with paul ryan tonight. are you confident paul ryan will take on joe biden thursday night? >> you know, i don't know how paul will deal with his debate. obviously, the vice president has done i don't know 15 or 20 debates during his lifetime. experienced debater. this is i think paul's first debate. i may be wrong. he may have done something in high school, i don't know. it will be a new experience for paul, but i'm sure he'll do fine and frankly, paul has the facts on his size. he has policy on his side and we have results on our side, so i think he'll, you'll find in the final analysis that people make their assessments on these debates not so much by the thee at ricks, but on whether the policy's been described will make their life better. i just think that the american people think the president's policies are not something we can afford for four more y
be an issue tonight. before the presidential debate, we were talking about a growing obama lead in wisconsin. a lead in virginia. decent obama lead in florida. a lead in new hampshire. those are all toss-up states. nevada, one of the toss-up states. romney had been doing better in the west, but still, a boost there. that's a dead heat. a statistical tie in nevada. over to colorado. i was there a little more than a week ago. a very close race. post debate, bang. a dead heat. statistical tie. quinnipiac "new york times" poll in "new york times." it's been reliablely blue. had been going the president's way. he's still on top, three points. again, another battleground put back into play by the first debate. here's one the romney campaign is encouraged, but they have work to do. they were down in some eight or nine points. now back to within five or six. cnn poll has it at four. clearly, still a lot of work for romney. let's keep going. virginia, we saw polls before the first presidential debate starting to stretch outside the margin. back to a dead heat. that's nbc news "wall street journal" ma
. high stakes for both sides after last week's presidential debate where analysts say president obama was flat at best. the democrats are now counting on vice president joe biden to try to turn things around while the republicans are hoping paul ryan will continue the momentum mitt romney created in his campaign they got after the debate last week. >> joe biden has been on the stage before. he's been on the big stages. it's my first time, but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. they're just offering more of the same [ inaudible ] >> the latest gallop poll shows mitt romney is ahead of president obama. >>> our partners from "u.s.a. today" will be fact checking what biden and ryan said just as they did during the presidential debate. joining me is one of the members of fact checking team paul singer. paul, good to you have here with us. we see the poll numbers 49% to 47%. this time in favor of governor romney. debates are really making a difference. the president's flat performance has changed things. what does joe biden have to do to turn things around? wha
do differently? how will romney prepare for a different obama? tonight, we have the vice presidential debate. what would you expect to see obama do differently? how will romney be prepared to do with that? >> the president will show up at the next debate. on the 16th, it is a week from today. it is a different format. it makes his job tougher. he will not -- this is a town hall meeting. it will be moderated by a cnn correspondent. there will be undecided voters: -- chosen by gallup. it is at hofstra university in new york. the job for the president is to make of that ground and reassure the people who are with him and the undecided voters that he is in this thing and he wants to be reelected and he does have an argument to make against romney. he has to do it in the context of answering the questions of the voters. that is the structure of the debate. it is a trickier challenge. the third debate is foreign policy, which is another set of issues. >> the debate we will see a different obama and a different romney. but we see in the next debate? >> more of the eve project obama we saw on
and republican congressman paul ryan will square off in the one and only vice presidential debate tonight in kentucky. following president obama's lackluster performance last week, the democrats are hoping they can rebound while the republicans want to build their recent momentum. polls mitt romney -- polls show mitt romney has a one-point lead in colorado. >> you can watch the debate right here on wusa9 beginning at 9:00 p.m. "u.s.a. today" reporters will blog online about what the candidates say and at wusa9.com, you can participate in that conversation via facebook and twitter. then at 11:00, join derek and anita as they fact check what the candidates say with the "u.s.a. today" fact checking team. >>> there's some very important deadlines coming up if you plan on voting in november's election. you have just a few more days to register to vote. in virginia you have til monday, october 15. october 16, tuesday, is the deadline in maryland. in d.c. the mail-in registration deadline has passed but you can still register in person at the d.c. election board's headquarters. the deadline for
the bus but al sharpton said he is flip-flopping. we'll do commercials and obama looking presidential. head of dnc, david plouffe, pundits saying that mitt romney was a liar. jon: to be fair alexis, the charge has come from the republican side as well. take a listen. >> well, i mean first of all what we're doing here is just using barack obama's words of four years ago when he promised the american people that he was going to be a president of big ideas and big things and it turns out that he is same player of small ball and distraction and, yeah, lying as well. >> so we have a few more rounds to go in this fight. what we saw in the first one was a very energized performance. it was big bird meets the big lies. >> but to say that the president is surrounded by liars, is a pretty accurate, is a pretty accurate charge and who the heck wants to be surrounded by liars? jon: so it does come from both sides. i mean, you know, rudy giuliani who you heard there at the end not officially part of the romney campaign, if i'm accurate. it seems we're hearing it from both sides this time around. >
taken after the first presidential showdown. according to the "fox news poll" the romney ryan ticket got a boost jumping three points while the obama-biden ticket dropped three. the impact of the debate seems greater among independents with that voting bloc jumping five points in support of team romney while team obama dropped 7 points. president obama's opinion stayed the same after the debate while governor romney's rose four percentage points. that gives him a one point lead. still when you factor in the margin of error it is still too close to call. how did the president and governor romney did at the debate? both are weighing in. >> well, governor romney i had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well, it is not the first time i've had a bad night. >> well, obviously the president wasn't happy with the response to our debate last night. >> what's your message to joe biden about tomorrow night? >> well i, you know, i think joe just needs to be joe. jon: joining us now is karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and a fox news c
is on with president obama showing a slip in the polls following last week appear presidential debate. many are predicting more fireworks than what we saw when president obama and romney took the stage last week. >>> a former aide to d.c. mayor vincent gray's election campaign will not face jail time. howard brooks was given two years probation and 200 hours of community service. brooks pleaded guilty to charges he lead to federal investigators after he was accused of paying mayoral candidate suleiman brown to bad mouth former mayor adrian fenty during the heated 2010 campaign. the judge took into consideration the fact that brooks is helping the fbi with its investigation into gray's campaign. >>> today, the national zoo will release a cause of death for its newborn panda cub. in this morning's news conference, zoo officials will all let everyone know how the cub's mother, mei xiang, is doing. she has slowly been returning to her normal activities sins her cub died last month less than a week after it was born. >>> coming up next, we're following breaking news out of the middle east where
the presidential election for a second. the contenders, mitt romney and obama. romney is getting a bum from his performance in the debate. when you look at the swing states, seems to be doing a little better. is this sustainable and does it put more pressure on ryan to have a really good night? >> it is not sustainable. i have a specific reason for that. when you look at this data when you see is the romney campaign was a great performance by romney and a bad one by the president. that shows up and there has been movement. the bulk of a movement has been with women. if you look at the polls, women are in a dead heat between romney and obama. the only republican or the last republican to win against the democrat was george herbert walker bush in 1988. i don't think that will happen. what will happen is you will start to see women shifting back not as far as they were prior to the debate but that will retract a little bit. ryan has to go out and keep those women and keeps that moved. joe biden -- these guys will be talking to women tonight. gerri: as they should. we should be at the center of eve
at anytime. tonight the vice presidential debate. pressure on joe biden to do better than president obama did last week. and the choice will still remain, going forward with barack obama or backward with mitt romney. now with today's current news update. lisa ferguson out in los angeles. >> good morning, everyone. the vice presidential debate is tonight. joe biden arrives in danville kentucky at 12:45 this afternoon. the debate is at 9:00 pm eastern time. you can expect the attack dog coming from joe biden tonight. his main goal is to make up for lost ground after the presidential debate last week. ryan is expecting it, though. so there is a chance he will be well prepared. he told a detroit radio station earlier this week, he thinks biden will come at him like a cannon ball. that aggressive stance is not something we saw from the president last week. >> obama: as i said the -- you know there's no doubt that i can make a better case which is why i'm so looking forward to tuesday. >> it is possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> debates do not have a
, the latest presidential poll. is mitt romney still seeing a boost from his debate performance? >>> new information from let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> analysts say one thing to look for tonight in the vice president debate is look for it to be aggressive. joe biden and republican challenger paul ryan will face-off in kentucky. it's the only debate between the two and will cover foreign and domestic issues. to maintain romney's momentum after the victory in last week's debate. joe biden's job is to turn the tide and get team obama back on track. the coverage begins at 9:00 follows by news 4 at 11:00. >>> mitt romney is taking a break today. a new poll by nbc news and the
how he will attack us. >> reporter: this debate follows last week's first presidential debate in which most agree president obama bombed. the president even admitted to diane sawyer that he had a bad day. can biden save the day or will ryan add to romney's recent boost? you have to decide for yourself. watch the debate live on abc7, starting 6:00 tonight. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> ross mirkarimi's as sheriff may not be as secure as he hopes. a san francisco supervisor says she may back a recall effort against him. supervisor kim is one of the four who voted against mirkarimi's removal because the city charter did not clearly spell out terms for removal from office of someone for official misconduct. kim said in an e-mail that her faith in mirkarimi as a person and sheriff has greatly diminished and support a recall effort. >>> assemblyman hill and some san bruno residents plan to appear before this morning's meeting of the public utilities commission to demand open hearings into dealings with pg&e pg&e. the commission is holding proceedings to determine how much pg&e should be fin
's game down. we're counting down to tonight's one and only vice presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan. the stakes are high. probably higher than either campaign wants to admit. biden will try to create some momentum for the obama team while ryan will try to prove last week's debate was not a one and done. a small post debate rise for romney, where in virginia romney picked up three points. he leads there, though a doifrnt poll from cbs shows obama still leading there. the "wall street journal" poll, mitt romney trails in florida and is down six in ohio. a quinnipiac poll shows him up three points in three other states. cnn's paul steinhauser is at the site in danville, kentucky with an inside look. >> reporter: 14 hours from now behind me on this stage, the only vice presidential debate in the campaign. they've been behind closed doors getting ready for this big showdown. the republican running mate got here to kentucky yesterday. before he arrived, he played a little bit of the expectations game, kind of lowering the bar for himself. >> joe biden has been on this stage
the presidential debate and why washington doesn't work. joe biden was rocco biden n 10 obama 's i hope that they will bring it up, exactly why barack obama was not able to do a deal with publicans. gerri: at it's a big question. jonathan, le's just jump to thursday's debate between the vice presidential candidates joe biden and paul ryan. what should we be expecting and what should we be watching for? >> the obama people want to lower the expectations and vice versa on the other side. he will say ridiculous things. but it is usually when he gets on the stump committee starts rambling from he starts asking rhetorical questions. but one has two minutes to give his answer, he actually is very good. he connects with people. >> i think that is exactly what is going on here. getting the one other thing that i want both of you to respond to, and that is jack welch. defending his comments when he questioned the veracity of the jobs numbers. lots of questions about their particular last friday. here is whatack welch said. the data collection system is biased and overstated. i'm not sorry for th
he has is he has barack obama's record he has to run on. >> reporter: with the polls tightening into a virtual tie, the stakes in danville are high, especially after last week's presidential debate, when mitt romney was widely viewed over being victorious over president obama. joe biden has to avoid making a gaffe. the president said he has confidence in joe biden. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman right june a smart -- is smart and he's an effective speaker -- ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his idea are wrong and joe knows that. >> reporter: ryan says the two actually get along quite well. they know eacher from -- each other from capitol hill. back to you. >> you can watch the debate right here on the news at 67:00 right here -- 6:00 right here. the news of ktvu will follow. we're providing live coverage on our app and live streaming. >>> according to data from state election board, more democrats than republicans have registered to vote in most battleground states including florida and nevada. campaign says a deeper look also shows an uptick in latino
has been slicing into president obama's lead in california ever since the first presidential debate. that's just one of the findings of our exclusive eyewitness news poll and there are dueling tax initiatives for education on the november ballot. one of them just tipped to the negative. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee with the numbers. >> reporter: allen, let's start with what propositions 30 and 38 have in common. they both raise billions of dollars for education through taxes but where that money goes is a source of contention between the two camps. and it is starting to get a little nasty in the tv ad war. >> let's see how two measures measure up. >> reporter: yes on proposition 38 takes on its competing initiative head on in a new campaign ad. >> prop 30 spends money here but lets the politicians take it out here. that's why sacramento is behind it. >> reporter: those who support prop 30 including governor brown are not happy about this new ad. >> they have gone absolutely negative. it's an attack ad against prop 30. >> reporter: 38 supporters say it's not an attack ad saying
and you have lefty brain. if you review what the skids asked obama in taping of the presidential special, you can't blame mitt for not showing up. they asked about gun control, same-sex marriage, bullying and, of course, obesity. sorry, they seemed choreographed enough to be white house press conference. you think obama might have learned the prep work does him no favors. this is a fun-size version of "the view." i prefer a president who doesn't play to preteens and not interested in placating their corn certains if detention is human rights violation. president, not a guidance counselor. even though his foreign policy suggests otherwise. i want to know if he can deal with china, not pigtails and runny nose and hankers for justin bieber. but it beats jim lehrer and maybe he could kill two birds with one stone. yes, i said kill big birds! kids are props who can't vote. >> dana: true. i was so glad when i saw that romney said no, sorry, i don't have time for this. great decision. >> greg: eric, if romney had gone ahead and done it wouldn't they have made him look like a scary adult? like t
that presidential debate with president obama and so it's possible to see maybe the same tactic tonight for paul ryan. focusing on the substance and the issues and, you know, one thing that the romney campaign i think telegraphed is that paul ryan will go after those comments of joe biden we heard earlier this month at the event in charlotte talking about the middle class being buried. i think we can expect that to come tonight and heard from the obama campaign, the obama campaign talking about this editorial board meeting with "the columbus dispatch" during the which the gop nominee talked about what the health care plan might be and people with preexisting conditions without obama care to get health care at hospitals. that is something i think joe biden might be going after tonight and starting to see the expectations as to how the zingers and the non-zingers fly tonight, brooke. >> let's just talk about when you and i were in tampa covering the democratic national convention and last time we or the country saw paul ryan up on the big stage and fact checkers had a field day with that. found al
... - no word... on... if the coaches will face charggs. 3 the... vice presidential... running mates... meet... tonight... tells us... after a lackluuser - perforrance from prrsident obama last week, ddmocraas arr hoping vice presideet bidee gives them something to cheer a. 3boutt.- 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 ou can watch tonight's debate on t--... or on your mobile deviie. live coverage begins tonight at nine... rrght here on fox44. oo you can stream the debate through foxbaltimore dot com or ourrfacebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. 3 the president is back in he hot seat ver hii administration's possible disnhonesty over the atttck n . llbya. the tate department wass forced o change their story this week and tell thee ruth to congress. it was aa which turned violent. republicans blasted the state department after top officiall said tthy did absolutely nothing wrong and that there pawmakers are tryiig oofigure out whyythe obama administration refused to say ddys the truth. a foomer seal sayy this was clearly aa pllnned strike on ameri
not really believe that. he does not have the same red line on president obama that president obama does. mr. romney would draw his own red line far before president obama's red line. then a few days after that, on september 17th, same deal again. here's mitt romney at a latino issues presidential candidates forum, saying that the guy who wrote the arizona's papers, please, law, he's never met the guy. no idea. he doesn't know why he keeps say that guy is his immigrations adviser. seriously, mitt romney has never met kris kobach? no, not really. his campaign later coming out and telling cnn, never mind what mitt romney just said, he has met the guy who wrote the papers, please, law, kris kobach does advise the campaign. then a few days after that on september 25th, they went and did it again. here's mitt romney conceding one of his most frequent attacks on president obama. this was mitt romney at a rally that day admitting that president obama has not raised taxes while he has been in office. seriously? mitt romney is dropping that argument? he doesn't think president obama has raised taxes?
here was the state of the presidential race one month ago tonight. take a look at this. president obama and mitt romney were essentially neck and neck, all throughout the summer, and then, boing! president obama very quickly and very dramatically jumped out to a six-point lead. what happened all of a sudden to cause that sort of jump? well, right here was president obama's speech at the democratic convention in charlotte. what you're looking at thereafter is what people call the post-convention bounce. after what had been a static race, president obama not only jumped ahead in national polls like this gallup daily tracking poll, but he also jumped out to a sizable lead in all the key swing states. here's what the race looked like around this time last month. president obama was up in virginia, up in in new hampshire, almost could not find a swing state poll that did not show president obama increasing his lead. this is what a post-convention bounce, and a good one, looks like. and it was a bounce that lasted for a while. a pew poll released more than a week after the democratic conventi
and country singer ronny millsap are also scheduled. the republican vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak tomorrow. >>> meantime president obama spending his day in florida. he'll be holding a rally in miami in about an mauer. earlier he was talking to the -- in an mauer. earlier he was talking to the crowd -- in an hour. earlier he was talking to the crowds in coral gables. >>> today police identified the man shot in the 1100 block of eighth street northeast, his name? gregory darnell troxler, so far no suspects or motive in the case. >>> two of three suspects charged in the beating of a capitol hill man will be in court tomorrow, tommy branch and sonny kuti charged in the attack of tommy maslin. a third suspect waived his right to preliminary hearing. >>> news today of a huge development deal near nationals park. according to the prince of petworth blog, the mixed use project will include 650,000 square feet of offices, retail, hotel pace and residences just north of the stadium across from the navy yard metro station. there's no word yet when that work would begin. >>> coming
's presidential debate. where mitt romney was widely viewed as the winner over barack obama. both sides say they're ready. >>i know how he will attack us. >>i think joe just needs to be joe. ryan is a smart and effective speaker. his ideas are the wrong ones. though biden is considered more experienced than ryan. political analysts say the vice president must avoid making one of his well-documented gaffes that end up distracting from the message. an issue that's sure to come up at tonight's debate is federal funding of amtrak. the company gets roughly one- point-four billion dollars a year in federal subsidies and counts vice president biden as one of its biggest supporters. biden has made more than 79- hundred round trips from wilmington, delaware to washington, d-c during his time on capitol hill. ryan's budget plan cuts federal subsides for amtrak and high speed rail projects. republicans favor privatizing the industry instead. national polls have the race for president in a dead heat but the president can still count on support in illinois. in a new tribune wgn-tv poll 55 percent of illi
with the presidential debate was president obama looked tired and weak so you need to looking at letter and intimidating, so drink coffee and buy a tiger. no one will thing you are weak if you have a tiger. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: thanks, brett. democrats have been freaking out because of the president's debate performance. i just have one thing to say, listen to me everybody. calm down. take a deep breath. step away from the twitter. put down the ticket to canada. everything is going to be okay. let me repeat for both your sake and mine. everything is going to be all right. since the first debate progressive voices from blogs to newspapers, to your's truly on tv we have been in a panic. and whaling, gnashing our teeth over the impending eight years of a romney white house, and nine scalias on the bench. so let's just relax. i don't mean let's get complaisant. but things are still looking goods folk. yes, the debate was not great. the president admits that he was too polite. but it was a rare misstep in another wise exceptional campaign. he didn't land a knocko
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